Terms & Conditions

  1. All Security officers are to attend site 10 minutes prior to the commencement of duty to receive a handover from either the Management they are relieving or the Security Officer going off duty. The security officer booking on must also say the correct company name and present themselves as AD2000 Group Ltd unless stated otherwise
  2. The uniform will consist of a Plain White Long Sleeved Shirt, Plain Black Tie, Black or dark grey Trousers unless otherwise stated. There is to be NO Visible sign of your own Company logo to the client.
  3. When the Security Officer attends site he/she is to Book on/off with the AD2000 Head Office and if instructed to do so also book on with our client’s control centre. Failure to book on/off will result in Non-Payment of Invoicing.
  4. There are to be reasonable management visits carried out by your Company under the name of the given client i.e. AD2000 Group Ltd. (This will be done on duties that are deemed to be long term duties and with a member of AD2000 management.  No officer shall be sent to any contract without prior training given by a competent and fully trained member of AD2000 staff or client representative.
  5. Signed Timesheets are to be submitted to the AD2000 Head Office by 12.00 noon the following Monday (for the previous week’s work). Failure to submit the timesheet(s) on time may delay payment. (we will advise when a timesheet is required)
  6. The Subcontractor will without undue delay advise the Company in writing of its ability or otherwise to provide the required services on behalf of the Company.  In the event of the Subcontractor being able to act on behalf of the Company it will as soon as is possible thereafter and in any event not later than six hours prior to the required commencement of the services advise the Company in writing of the name(s) and Security Industry Authority Licence number(s) of the personnel it intends to deploy on behalf of the Company.
  7. When providing services on behalf of the Company the Subcontractor will deploy only persons who have been fully screened in accordance with the requirements of British Standard No. BS 7858:2012 and who are in possession of a current valid and relevant licence issued by the Security Industry Authority these details are to be given to AD2000 Group Ltd PRIOR to deployment, this will also include their mobile number and when required their DOB and National Insurance number.
  8. Should the Subcontractor’s Officer(s) on arrival at the client’s premises be advised by the client’s representative that the specified services are not required the Officer(s) will contact AD2000 head office and take instruction from the control centre manager, and if asked to do so will obtain written confirmation of the fact on the client’s official stationery signed by the client’s representative.
  9. The charge rates will be as agreed between both companies prior to the commencement of any duties for the Company.
  10. The Subcontractor will hold as confidential all information concerning the affairs of the Company or any or all of the Company’s clients which it acquires or receives in the course of or as a result of providing services on behalf of the Company. Any breach of this agreement will result in a payment of £50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Pounds) being made to AD2000 Group Ltd for breach of Contract, also any outstanding invoices will not be honoured.
  11. For a period of not less than twelve calendar months following the provision of any services on behalf of the Company, the Subcontractor will not either directly or indirectly without the express consent of a Director of the Company approach any person firm or body corporate to which it has provided services on behalf of the Company with a view to providing services of a similar nature on its own account. Any breach of this agreement will result in a payment of £50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Pounds) being made to AD2000 Group Ltd for breach of Contract and any outstanding invoices will not be honoured.
  12. The Company will not attempt directly or indirectly to employ any employee of the Subcontractor without there prior approval.
  13. The Subcontractor will provide the Company with adequate evidence that it carries sufficient insurance cover including but not necessarily limited to employers and public liability.
  14. The Subcontractor will indemnify the Company to which it provides services on behalf of the Company against all loss as a result of any act or omission by any person deployed in the provision of services on behalf of the Company including but not limited to any breach of the licencing requirements of the Security Industry Authority.
  15. The Subcontractor will immediately advise the Company in the event of the Security Industry Authority suspending or revoking its registration under the Authority’s Approved Contractor scheme.
  16. The subcontractor will not under any circumstance re subcontract the work given to them for cover. If the subcontractor is unable to provide the required cover then AD2000 Group  Ltd is to be advised and alternative arrangements will be made by AD2000.
  17. Invoices are to be submitted on a monthly basis. Payment Terms are 30 days from the end of the month the invoice is received unless otherwise stated. On submission of an invoice, you have agreed to be bound by the terms set out in this agreement whether signed and returned or not.
  18. The Company hereby agrees to engage the service of the subcontractor to provide the company with services consisting of all aspects of manpower security and associated services within the security industry. The subcontractor agrees to provide such services to the company. All manpower supplied will be employees of the subcontractor
  19. The subcontractor agrees to compensate AD2000 Group Ltd financially for any loss of contract \ contract hours given to them by a client that the subcontractor has agreed to cover on their behalf. If the subcontractor has failed to supply the required standard of guard or through any other reason the client feel is serious enough that it warrants terminating AD2000 Group Ltd contract.