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Security Guards

Security-Guard-on-Walkie-TalkieAD2000 Group Ltd specialise in providing highly trained, experienced and professional security personnel including high profile uniformed & non uniformed security guards, low profile ‘undercover’ officers, front of house and reception teams, event security and crowd control, crime prevention and anti-terrorism security, in short we can provide the right personnel for all security requirements.

All of our security officers are carefully chosen based on their level of professionalism, presentation, aptitude, skills, experience, integrity and discretion. They are all trained to the highest standards and individually assessed and accredited before going into the field. Many have an armed forces or police background and all are managed closely to ensure they continuously deliver the standard of service that our clients expect. Get in touch today to discuss your security concerns and we will advise the best options for you.

We currently provide security personnel for the following environments:
  • High profile uniformed & non uniformed officers
  • Low profile under-cover detectives
  • Close protection / body-guarding
  • High value vehicle escorts & tracking services
  • Anti-sabotage checks and vehicle inspection
  • Security of materials and movement control
  • Anti-theft and anti-pilferage checks
  • Guarding of vital installations
  • Protection of offices, equipment and buildings

  • Static surveillance and intelligence gathering
  • Guarding of cash and valuables
  • Traffic control and parking protection
  • Security and protection of IT assets and infrastructure
  • Access control / gate
  • Verification of identity

Security Dogs & Handlers

dog-handlersIn these times of heightened security comes an increasing demand for specialist security dogs and handlers. Whether you require security for an event or to keep your personnel, premises and property safe, we provide fully trained, accredited handlers and dogs for all of your security needs.

All of our services are delivered to the highest standards of professionalism and our knowledge and experience is second to none. As well as handlers and dogs trained for patrol and security duties, we also provide specially trained sniffer dogs, experienced in finding both drugs and explosives. Get in touch today to discuss your security concerns and we will advise the best options for you.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile-SecurityMobile patrols can be a cost effective, efficient and visible deterrent often used as a flexible alternative to permanent security guards. AD2000 Group Ltd can provide mobile patrols of your premises at agreed frequencies, both day and night. Licensed, uniformed mobile guards will visit and inspect your premises checking for damage or intrusion.

We provide detailed reports of all mobile patrols carried out so that you can be confident that the patrols are taking place and you are notified of any incident that may occur. Our vehicles are fully equipped and supported by our 24/7 control centre, thereby ensuring all activities are constantly monitored. We can also provide warning boards to act as a deterrent between the patrols.

Get in touch today to discuss your security concerns and we will advise the best options for you.

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