Property Management

We provide a first class service for you and your property. We help landlords let their property, whether that’s helping them understand lettings legislation, finding them a tenant or managing their property.

How we can help you?

Peace of mind is a valuable asset for landlords. We deliver property management services expertly, consistently and always with the aim of giving our clients peace of mind – and maximising the value of their property. Being an established facilities company we also take care of all maintenance issues in-house without the need for outside contractors.

Our Expertise

Our team can manage your property throughout the lettings process; from organising inventories and arranging for properties to be cleaned pre-tenancy, right through to handling deposit negotiations once the tenancy has come to an end and a 24hrs support network for landlords and their tenants.

During the tenancy period we can liaise with utility suppliers and arrange repairs, maintenance works and safety reports on your behalf, as well as organise payment of outgoings such as ground rent and service charges. Alongside our handling of day-to-day maintenance issues and visits to check the property, these services mean you can relax, knowing that your property is being looked after and your interests taken care of.

Renewals and Terminations

We have dedicated people who specialise in negotiating the renewal of your tenancy. They are on hand to provide advice on the current market trends and rent levels, provide comparable evidence and arrange for a re-appraisal of your property where appropriate and to negotiate with the tenant on your behalf.

When your tenancy is due to end our team will guide you through the termination process.

The relationship between landlord and tenant is usually a straightforward one: a tenant is happy to pay rent for a comfortable place in which to reside, and a landlord is happy to maintain a comfortable residence, for which the tenant pays rent.

On occasions, a landlord/tenant relationship becomes strained, you can be assured that AD2000 Group Ltd will be there to provide and support, and ensure an equitable solution to the issue at hand. Major issues do not occur often and we believe that this may well be due to the manner in which we manage properties and tenancies.

Unlike many of our competitors, we undertake regular property visits whilst the tenancy is ongoing. This means that we often pick up on potential issues before they amount to something more serious, and it also helps to build relationships with tenants. Having a good relationship with the tenant, and with you, our client, helps us in being able to rectify any problems with the minimum amount of fuss and upset. We also undertake to transfer rent over to you within three working days of it hitting our account.

Our portfolio of London properties continues to grow, a sure testament of our ability to do the job. For more information about the AD2000 Group Ltd residential property management and many other services, please speak to one of our Lettings Managers, or our Head of Property Management, Martin Christie.

Our service includes:

  • Rent collection, and prompt payment over to you
  • Monthly statements
  • Regular property visits

  • Protection of the tenant’s deposit in the TDS
  • Access to reputable and efficient tradespeople
  • Emergency Out of Hours service for tenants
AD2000 Group Ltd Facilities Management

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