Key Holding

AD2000 Group Ltd provide an out of hours key holding service and act as the primary key holder in the event of an alarm activation or other security issue.

This provides peace of mind for the property or business owner, that their staff are not being disturbed at unsociable hours or being put at risk and their property is being monitored in case of crime.

Often working in conjunction with some of our other services including CCTV & Alarm system monitoring, or working with external monitoring companies, we respond to call outs within an agreed time frame with fully trained and qualified security personnel. We will liaise with police and company staff if required and allow the police entry if necessary.

Most alarm activations are false alarms, often caused by alarm systems not being set properly, doors or windows not being closed properly and animals tripping alarms and we are usually able to attend, ensure the property is safe and secure and re-set the alarm. If there is a fault we will arrange and supervise an engineer to rectify the fault.

All keys are kept in a safe in our control centre which is only accessible by senior personnel and our vehicles also have key safes securely fitted on board. Get in touch today to discuss your security concerns and we will advise the best options for you.

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