Charities for 2019

AD2000 have selected 3 charities this year and we think each one is an extremely worthwhile course.


Jigsaw4u has spent the last 21 years helping children, young people and families affected by significant social and emotional issues including; bereavement, domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation, and mental ill health. Last year, we supported over 4,000 individuals in Merton and Sutton.
Jigsaw4u started in 1997 as a service for children who had experienced a family bereavement. Since then, we have helped countless families lift the burden of grief, helped families find the words to talk about death and given them a much-needed support system at a time when the smallest things seem insurmountable.
During our 21 years, we have listened to the voices of young people and developed projects and services to meet their needs.
Our current projects include:
‘Pre and Post Bereavement support’
‘Domestic Abuse’
‘Missing young people & Child Sexual Exploitation’
‘Home School Links’
‘Participation for disabled children and young people’
‘Young Victims of Crime’
‘Advocacy for young people in/or leaving care’

Please click on the link below to show the impact just a small donation makes, if you wish to make a donation please either contact Jigsaw4u directly or ourselves and we will pass the information on.

Sutton Foodbank started in Dec 2009. It was the 35th foodbank to be linked with the Trussell Trust and is run by a local charity called Sutton Community Works. Whilst, Sutton is generally considered an affluent borough there is also evidence of deprivation and unfortunately, one effect is food poverty and residents not being able to afford food at times of crises.
Sutton Foodbank aims to reduce and alleviate food poverty by providing 3 days of emergency food to residents in short term crisis. Most of our guests are helped 2-3 times during a crisis and we don’t then tend to see them again. Some, unfortunately, have longer standing issues and we aim to support appropriately along with other agencies.
In the first 11 months of 2018, we have helped 1221 adults and 737 children. We also seek to signpost and work with other partners to deal with underlying issues. For example, in 2018 we have run 5 job clubs to help provide pathways to employment through workshops offering help with CV’s etc.…

Queen Mary’s Hospital for Children is situated within St Helier Hospital in Carshalton. It was moved from Carshalton Beeches to St Helier in 1993.
We are concentrating our efforts on the playroom within the children’s ward as they receive no budget for toys or activities, we all know how boring it can be when your ill and have to stay in a hospital, so the playroom is an integral part of the children’s ward.
AD2000 has already donated toys, art & crafts and an Xbox to the ward’s playroom but there is so much more that they need. This year we hope with a little help we can make a difference.